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  • Adventures in Integrative Education and the Blue Alligator Blues and Other Video Songs are:
    • A support structure for integrative learning for students’ grades 1 through 4.
    • An audio visual content presentation appropriate for diverse learning abilities.
    • A resource that can be used in multiple learning environments and settings.
    • A resource for academic content and engaging musical and movement expression.
    • An activity readily adaptable to educational standards.
    • An opportunity for students and teachers to communicate through non-judgmental and expressive experiences while working together to accomplish positive outcomes.
    • An innovative mode of presentation for classroom environments.
    • A meaningful guide to promote the inclusion of sensory input essential to the integration of the processes of oral and written language.
    • A positive means for the incorporation of the humanities and the arts.
    • A motivation for everyone who believes in the joy of learning.


  • The Blue Alligator Blues & Other Video Songs for Integrative Learning is the accompaniment DVD that contains seven video songs that serve as the platforms that demonstrate how to present and maintain this kind of educational curriculum.

    • Easily adapted to serve as foundations for academic and cross-curricular learning.
    • Students stay engaged within a context that provides for exploration, expression, investigation, and self discovery.
    • The story of each video provides continuity and customization on which individual creative lessons can be designed by teachers and students.
    • Included on the DVD are music only accompaniment tracks with lyrics for repeated practice opportunities as well as performance presentations.

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    Engine Engine Number Nine.

  • These innovative presentation platforms can be implemented into any ongoing educational program.

    • Great for traditional, special, online, home, and after school settings.
    • Easily adapted in concept and application for diverse learning abilities as well as multi-age groups.
    • Allows for students to enjoy large open spaces while guided by the directions of the activity.
    • Each video song concludes with students returning to a quiet and determined place.
    • A large viewing screen and quality audio reproduction provide the optimum experience but the DVD plays on any computer or player.

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    the Blue Alligator Blues.

  • The book Adventures in Integrative Education (soon to be published) and the blog: http://adventuresinintegrativeeducation.blogspot.com explain and support the need for this method of learning. Concepts such as readiness, the whole child, multi-sensory input, exceptional student education, resonance, and socialization are discussed with attention to related research findings and accepted educational protocol. The need for expression through interactive learning is supported by noted leaders in the field of developmental psychology and education.

    In The Blue Alligator Blues and Other Video Songs, carefully orchestrated background music sets the mood, directs the activities, and is designed to evoke a kinesthetic response from students. Cross-curricular lessons are easily created as students are guided to take turns, play roles, assume leadership positions, and follow directions. Well designed lessons can be created that infuse the arts and humanities with rigorous skill development in specific disciplines. The media presentation provides the valued concept of storytelling that can serve as a base on which educational standards may be applied.


    Practice Session

  • This activity can be offered in any situation that provides a safe environment. Volunteers or staff can incorporate the video song into schedules and develop a sense of purpose and community through the suggested activities. The videos provide purposeful activities for the Primary Grades and are adaptable for diverse learning styles and age groups. Students and teachers interact in a nonjudgmental and expressive experience while working together to accomplish positive outcomes. The stories and games are directed by musical phrases and cues that set boundaries while students practice basic skills of reading, speaking, listening, following directions, and collaborating. What better way to accomplish this kind of skill development than through having fun while singing, laughing, and moving?


    Practice Session